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    For the sake of healthy life

    Pharmaceutical company Avita’s representative office in Georgia was founded in 8th of February, 2004. Nowadays, our team operates all over the Georgia. Company consists of departments, such as: Medical department, Research and Development, Marketing, International relations’ department, Analytical and Logistical departments.

    Avita is developing dynamically through years. As our priority is to make our employees highly professional, at first we carefully choose candidates and for the next step business skill and knowledge development trainings are provided about following topics: Pharmaceutical marketing, bases of business communication skills etc. Our companions from all over the world support us by providing various trainings for medical representatives and managers to improve their sales skills.

    Pharmaceutical company Avita has a large portfolio of products. The process of introducing new medicine to Georgian market is based on the medical researches, opinion of experts and VIP doctors. Our partner manufacturers hold European and American standards. Avita is proud of our partners who make our collaboration unique and provide us with high quality medicines.

    ახალი მედიკამენტები

    ყველა მედიკამენტის სანახავად დააკლიკეთ აქ

    "Avita" assists partners in all pre-sale cycles of medical products marketing, namely:
    1) market analysis of the promising medical products segment;
    2) registration of the medical products identified;
    3) importation of medicals to the country, distribution of medical products for wholesale and retail trade 4) active promotion of the medical products by skilled and committed team.
    Our partners operate in line with all Europe and US-accepted standards (GMP, GCP, GHP)
    "Avita" feels pride in cooperation with the actual partners, the company also strives to establish relations with new ones.


    Medicament of the day

    Ardeisedon | არდეისედონი

    In Ardeysedon und Ardeysedon Nacht sind zwei Wirkstoffe vereint: Extrakte aus Baldrianwurzel und Hopfenzapfen. Baldrian ist in Europa und Amerika weit verbreitet. Schon im Mittelalter wurde Baldrian bei verschiedenen Erkrankungen verwendet. Seit dem 19. Jahrhundert wird Baldrian vor allem als beruhigendes Arzneimittel genutzt. Präparate mit Hopfen werden seit Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts auch als schlaffördernde Mittel eingesetzt. Gemeinsam bilden Ardeysedon und Ardeysedon Nacht ein starkes Duo: Ausgeglichenheit am Tag – ruhiger Schlaf bei Nacht. Ardeysedon hilft bei Unruhezuständen am Tag – mit Baldrian und Hopfen entspannt und beruhigt am Tag natürlich wirksam sehr gut verträglich kein Gewöhnungseffekt und keine Gefahr der Abhängigkeit in Apotheken erhältlich


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